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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viveel really free?

Yes, and no – you are free to select a template and start configuring it to your needs but if you wish to actually deploy it, then you must “buy” the template.
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Can I deploy Something Without Paying For An Audit?

Of course you can, BUT we don’t recommend it. We have partnerships with a number of audit companies that allow you to be certain that all the code is correct prior to deployment. The cost for these services vary but there are free options available too.
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How do I know my smart contract is configured correctly?

This is what the final audits are for. All our templates are pre-audited by our partners but that doesn’t mean that when things are being configured someone could have added an extra number or character that will cause there to be issues. The final audits are your insurance that everything is working as expected so don’t skip this step.
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Do you offer custom services?

Yes! We offer a “white glove” service for all our template. This way if you don’t have the time to take care of this BUT need it done in a hurry, we can handle that for you.
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Do you have a partners network?

We will be starting a partners program in Q1 of of 2023. The program will be open to developers who have already registered and are using Viveel’s platforms. If you would like to know more, reach out to us via [email protected]
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Is Viveel MiCA compliant?

The Markets in Crypto Assets framework (MiCA) is set to take place in 2024 and we plan on being fully compliant well before that time.
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What types of payments do you take?

We would love to be able to take crypto payments but remain limited by what our payment processing provider can take. Currently this includes USD and EUR only – as soon as they start accepting cryptocurrencies, we will as well.
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