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Smart Contracts in Minutes Not Months

Our smart contract creator gets you what you need FAST. Leveraging pre-audited templates and code modules, you can assemble, configure, and deploy highly secure smart contracts that make your life easier, more secure, and productive.

Click below and see for yourself just how fast and easy it can be!

Why Viveel?

We Make Smart Contract Creation Easy, Fast, and SECURE

Viveel has a vision to ease the current difficulties encountered when creating smart contracts. Our no-code, visual builder leverages pre-audited components that allows even those without a technical background to create highly secure, smart contracts faster and more efficiently
then with traditional methods.

No matter what your current Web3 needs are, Viveel has solutions to help bring them to a reality.

Select Your Template

Access the library and select one BusinessModel from the list of pre-audited smart contract templates. Once selected, click "Next" to start the customization steps at which point you can configure the smart contract to fit your specific needs.



Apply the different modules your project requires and follow the wizard to configure all components to fit your exact needs so you have a fully customized smart contract. Once finished, click "build & Deploy" and our magic starts to happen.


Issue Audit

Once your smart contract is built and deployed an audit is issued, allowing your smart contract to become a fully functioning Decentralized Application that you and your customers can both be assure is efficient and secure. Welcome to the future.


Intuitive Platform

Visual programming means no in-depth knowledge is required

Increased Security

Pre-audited modules ensure faster build times with less chance for human errorĀ 

Rapid Deployment

Proven security is matched with a simple three step process allowing projects to come to fruition faster than ever before saving project owners hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars

The Smart Contract Revolution Is Here!

Viveel allows you to save time, money, and resources